It is all about now, it is all about what is happening in the moment. In the fast paced world, the world of apps and internet, knowing what is going on when it is going on is critical to being someone riding the wave rather than then being under it.

Real-Time User Experience Analysis

We recognize how valuable it is to keep your attendees and customers happy and engaged during your event—and how much it costs your business and organization to maintain attendance. Finding ways to engage your event-goers is energizing to both your sponsors, vendors, your attendees and your bottom line. The real-time user experience analysis ensures that you exceed customer service expectations. eBooth provides your data and statistics of your event in real time. A real-time system, which means that your data is collected and accessible during the event. It’s different to some other event management software, which might collect and analyze the data retrospectively. eBooth tracking solutions are an essential tool for improving your marketing, as you learn more about the event visitors and the events appeal. It’s also a cost-effective way to test different strategies. Real-time user tracking can also reveal more information about the attendees in terms of their demographics. This involves information of the user’s geographical location (what country, county or city the user is from) and other background information (for example gender, marital status, number of children).

The benefits to using real-time tracking solutions are generous.
The truth is that studies have shown repeatedly that event attendees behavior historically can predict behavior at future events. The behavioral information therefore can help you improve the event, as well as your choice of speakers and overall activities. As you can monitor traffic and behavior instantaneously, you could switch between different marketing options on the go. This provides you instant feedback on what visitors prefer.