An event life cycle rises and then falls once the event has ended. Ebooth can extend the period of engagement within the attendee community. Once more, the platform can supercharge your lead list. Increase interaction between attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to build relationships using ebooth.

Proactive Attendee Engagement

Everyone who participates in an event is looking to get something out of it- the attendees are interested in participating, the exhibitors are interested in attracting the attendees, and the speakers and event host are interested in how their event is perceived. eBooth is all about engaging with something…a vendor, an attendee, a product, a lunch, a dinner or an auction. eBooth provides a full set of options to accomplish this. Why do we need engagement? When a business looks to engage a prospect or a client, develop loyalty or to keep the brand at the forefront of the individual’s psyche, then engagement is required. Proactive engagement aims to convert an event attendee from simply a spectator to a participant by having them interact with your brand. Proactive attendee engagement involves the audience in the event as much as the sponsors and the exhibitors.

There are four different types of engagement in seminars and conferences and eBooth has tools to help facilitate the most interaction within each type. The first type is engaging through content. This is most evident with presentations and videos that the presenter shows during the seminar. It can also be relevant to a speech or a dialogue that is being performed in front of the audience. eBooth provides Digital Pamphlet so event attendees can read more about the presenter or the company right on their smartphone or tablet. This information remains on their phone after the event has concluded instead of ending up in the trash bin like with traditional paper pamphlets.
The second type of engagement is through dialogue with the audience. An event organizer has to effectively communicate with the audience through promotional content, through consultation or some sort of cooperative activity. eBooth can perform surveys, questionnaires, user suggestions and comments, controlled choice and ratings that an attendee can engage with while a presentation, contest, or event is occurring to provide real-time feedback and opinion.
The third type of engagement is with the sponsors. If you have sold sponsorships at the event, then you have to make sure that those paying customers establish real connections with the right kind of attendee. eBooth is a great value-add for exhibitors as the attendees engage with them digitally, thus eliminating the manual entry of quickly scribbled emails by attendees at your booth.
The fourth type of engagement is among the audience. This involves social media, engagement activities, games, problem-solving activities, etc. This helps make organic connections that last long after the seminar is over. It allows the conference to actually lead to some fruitful connections that the attendees and exhibitors can take with them. Digital Gamification powered by eBooth is a great tool for attendees to engage while having fun and providing their contact information in exchange for a chance to win a game or prize.

eBooth is all about engaging with something… a vendor, an attendee, a product, a lunch, a dinner or an auction. eBooth provides a full set of options to accomplish this. Engagement can be driven by name or title, by group or category. Entry by touch, tap or scan!