Metrics are a standard of measurement.Analytics are used to answer specific questions. Together they provide a comprehensive insight into any operation and service. They can be used to determine success or failure. We believe, providing those tool is essential to ensuring that the ebooth is performing for you.

Multi-faceted Metrics Analytics

Your event team can only be spread so thin and remain effective, eBooth is multi-faceted metrics and analytics are scalable to virtually any size project, large or small. Metrics and Analytics are indicators that are used by event planners to improve the customer experience for attendees, vendors and sponsors. While both Metrics and Analytics are used to improve customer satisfaction, they are also used to help you to reach marketing goals. Metrics measure how well an event concept is performing in objective terms. These include event activity measures (number of attendees and exhibitors), operation metrics (cost incurred), outcome metrics (profit made), etc. Analytics are used to answer specific questions related to the event itself. They reveal what customers the event attracts and to, which event activities require the most development and which ones are the most popular with attendees. They also provide insights into attendee feedback. eBooth provides the metrics that are most important to your you, your organization or business, this way, you’ll be getting more traffic to your events than before and improving the value of your customer’s visit as well.

Attract New Attendees and Maintain Return Visitors
eBooth provides customized fields on the registration platform and the engagement tools that can give you insight into the most interesting and unique parts of your event. You can improve upon the activity’s attendees spent the most time on or engaged with the most to improve future attendance. It’s better to evaluate exactly why conversions are taking so much and what you can do to change that. Perhaps changing the look of your website, or improving the controls and response time will help.