User onboarding should be straightforward and simple, it should require little effort and minimal number of steps Onboarding should pave the way for a smooth operational experience. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Easy & Intuitive Onboarding

At eBooth, it is our goal to help every customer achieve a successful outcome during the client onboarding, implementation or add-on/renewal process. eBooth intuitive design makes the onboarding process of the proprietary software simple and easy. The eBooth product is revolutionary and is simple to learn for a new user. We have streamlined the onboarding experience for our customers by simplifying and automating both task-level and project status communication. Our client implementation process was created to facilitate a more transparent, customer-facing experience for all parties. User onboarding of the eBooth platform provides a first time user with the ability to gain Insight into the functionality of the software. The intuitive design of the platform makes the user onboarding process simple. The process guides the user through using the product effectively and helps the user become more productive with the tools. There is easy access to tooltips, guides and tutorial videos that provide an explanation of features and tools. Creating engagement with the product to maximize its use to accomplish tasks that would not have been as effectively complete without it. Log into eBooth with a unique username and password, the system is intuitive and easy to navigate so there is only minimal training required. There’s only one version of eBooth available for all users. As soon as developers administer an update, all users have access to it immediately.

Get an complete onboarding experience that goes beyond instruction.
Our onboarding process goes beyond instruction. We serve both professional and non-profit based businesses that want a user friendly tool that drives engagement with customers and creates a more efficient event management experience. The goal of onboarding is to make sure the user is well versed with the product to maximize its use to accomplish tasks to enhance the success of their event.