Gamification get the person or persons to engage with you, by incentivizing the prospect or customer or lead to divulge their contact information. Digital Gamification is data collection presented behind the face of playing a fun game.

Advanced Gamification

No matter if it’s problem-solving, curiosity, the desire to compete or the need to collect our society has an appetite for gaming. Today, through software instead of just playing for leisure, we use those same ideas to spur engagement and hold the attention of your employees and customers. Choose an engagement tool that provides an interactive experience for attendees. Engagement tools such as contest, voting, polling or silent auctions for community events, digital wheel spin for prizes or raffle giveaways for trade shows or expos. Increase attendee interaction with exhibitors, vendors and sponsors. eBooth supports up to 10 prizes, prizes can be changed if necessary, quantity of prizes are tracked. Price list is submitted to eBooth in a spreadsheet. Probability is calculated at 100%. Lead capture of email of game players are done daily in spreadsheet format. Data supplies includes game operator, game player and prizes won. Games and contests can be a fun way to get people engaged because they build excitement and encourage interaction. Choose to utilize some sort of rewards-based system, or a prize from a key sponsor. eBooth mobile event app can be your secret weapon for driving engagement with your audience, but it also requires a significant investment.

Captivate audiences looking to engage in new unique ways.
Use the trend of gamification to captivate the attention of event attendees looking to gain knowledge of your business and organization in unique ways. Millennials, raised with new interactive technologies, have even less patience for stale, one-way communications. As a result, gamification — the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and transfer knowledge — is poised for widespread adoption among businesses and government agencies.