Keep your attendees informed instantly with push notifications from eBooth. Alert your audience of new events, special deals, new prompts and more even if they do not have the eBooth app open!

Toast Integration

Push notifications also called “toast” notifications, allow you to instantly notify your volunteers, vendors, exhibitors, and attendees with a custom message. They are those little messages that appear for a few seconds alerting you of a new email or Facebook message whether or not you have those apps open. eBooth offers this powerful feature on the app so you can offer instant discounts and promote special deals, or announce the launch of a new product. Engage with your attendees to increase the length of stay and multiple day attendance.

These notifications will appear on the smartphone or tablet to alert the end user whether they have the eBooth app open or not. Keep everyone informed of what’s going on with relative live announcements about upcoming speakers that they do not want to miss, breakout sessions, and more. Also, push notifications can help keep everyone under control if changes occur such as speaker cancellations or inclement weather with real-time updates that pop up on everyone’s’ phones and tablets instantly.

Manage Your Conference Schedule
Let your speakers and attendees keep track of what's going on!
Running a conference or workshop? Allow attendees to check on the event's speaker schedule with your app, and couple it with the ability to instantly notify users with instant push notifications!