The printing press was invented in 15th-century and has moved from typeset to inkjet. And while it has never been faster or easier to print, it is still an expense. The ability to digitally deliver your documents not only places the document with the person, it eliminates the expense.

Digital Pamphlet

When you have an event program, brochure or pamphlet everyone will know you mean business. They offer an unbeatable way to present your event details and sponsor info to attendees. market your products and make you look as professional as it gets. But unfortunately, creating a quality brochure usually means hiring an expensive design agency and incurring high cost to print. eBooth can easily create beautifully designed digital pamphlets and brochures for all your needs to enhance the event, boost ticket sales, build and promote brand awareness easily. The mobile application has a sleek design, easy navigation and high quality images can help keep readers reading your event information pre, during and post event. Expand your audience by sharing your digital event pamphlets online. Publications created with our digital brochure maker can be viewed instantly, in any browser and on any device. eBooth offers digital pamphlets that are effective to add the advertising banner to your page turning pamphlets. It can not only attract the visitors, but also distribute your products in a visual way. Moreover, you can add the image URL to bring traffic to your website.
Is your organizations mission to protect the environment. Then promoting paperless is one of the practical actions to help us to get rid of the severe pollution. eBooth allows you to create a digital pamphlet instead of paper fliers and brochures.

Awesome digital pamphlets are interactive event publications.
Printed brochures rarely make an impact. They are often displayed amongst a sea of pamphlets and can easily get lost in the shuffle. eBooth Digital Pamphlets are a simple way to hook your audience, present your info early and sell your event like nobody's business. Create, design and share responsive digital pamphlets. here are no additional infrastructure costs (e.g. servers) and no need for in-house support for maintenance - we take care of all of that for you.